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Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Actually, I had a different initial idea as of what to do with the Johto starters: make them the prizes for finishing the Trainer Tower in its various forms. You know, kind of be like how Mt. Battle works in Pokémon XD (the game, not the emoticon). However, given the lack of references in scripts for it, I think I wouldn't be able to do what I intended with them without ASM hacking.
It's... Perfect!

If you can do this, that would be the best solution, definitely. It would give me more motivation to try the Trainer Tower, for starters (no pun intended).

My question then becomes how many of the Johto starters would you be able to get in this way? Getting all of them from this seems a bit much, no matter how you handle it...

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Something like that sounds a bit too involved for it to be fitting for this game. The first two generations of Pokémon games had very little to offer in the story department when compared to other RPG games. Giving Prof. Oak his own battle with this premise would be out of character for this game. It might fit in today's Pokémon games, but I'm not aiming for that (story-wise).
You're right... *sigh*
Changing the story just to add in one battle doesn't make much sense, especially considering the goals of this project. I guess if I want this, I'll just have to make my own hack (though I'll probably wait for this project to finish -- I'd want it to be compatible with your patches).

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
If I were to include it, it would be more fitting for a patch of its own. It would include several of the things other people put into their hacks, such as characters/Pokémon from other regions, DS-esque overworld graphics, and an extra rival based on me, along with the aforementioned "flesh". Of course, that would stray too far from the hack's intent, as I'm not a genius when it comes to creating unique content. Plus I wouldn't have that much interest in doing all that.
I figured you'd say something like that. I knew it would need its own patch, and it seemed like it wasn't quite enough to have an entire patch to itself...

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Fast? I certainly think not! I've only released three or four "significant" updates, and the first two of those were just GB Player function updates. But I guess perspective can change all of that. If you do start it before I release the update, make sure you save it with the GB Player off before you apply the new patch. Otherwise it may not even get past the Game Freak screen. This is because music locations will be different, of course.
*Sees version 3.2 is available*


I just started it yesterday! (All I did was start a new file to test the GB player, but still...)

Ah well... I haven't made any significant progress, so I'll just make a new save file.

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
The idea of choosing patches/features actually came from another hack that I was involved with awhile back. It was such an inspiring thing for me because I hadn't seen anything like it before: a fan alteration of a classic game that attempted to only improve its flaws and make it feel more full than it was before, without making something original out of it while also giving people the choice on what they wanted to include in it for themselves. As it turned out, the hack's intent and execution was original all on its own.
This is very interesting!
What hack was that? You've made me curious...

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
I might not be as skilled as a hacker as others, but I'm happy to contribute something that aims to perfect a classic game (Red, that is; FireRed isn't original enough to be much more than an update. HG/SS, on the other hand...) and leaves resources for other hackers to use in the future.
You may not be as skilled of a hacker as others, but you are the one who put everything together into this amazing collection! I won't accept this humility from you! ()

By the way, I agree about Red & FireRed being essentially the same... And HG/SS being new games. (Why can't I delete phone numbers anymore?!?!)

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post

Confused by the numbering? Don't be! I chose that because I felt it to be right for my purposes regarding the hack. Plus it represents the -bit system that is the GBA (32-Bit).
32 bit? Version 3.2? ()

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Anyways, today's update doesn't really have new features. Instead, I chose to completely overhaul the element that I originally focused on with this hack: the music. Before, the 8-Bit songs in this hack sounded awfully close to the real deal. I haven't heard anything in the ways of complaints since addressing the few that I had when I first released it, so most of you might not even know what I'm talking about when I say that the old tracks were a bit off, even after my self-touted major upgrade awhile ago.
Such irony... While Pallet Town sounded fine, I was going to tell you that the title theme sounded off (parts of it sounded too high), and the Game Freak sound seemed odd, too (I can't really speak for anything beyond that, as I haven't even tried to leave Pallet yet). I'll have to check the new version to see it that's been fixed.

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Anyways, no more being down on my old work. Recently, I made a few posts in the old GB Player thread in the Research & Development forum. Since doing so, I happened upon something that was a gold mine to me: a major correlation between the structure of songs in the original games and the structure of GBA tracks! With a lot of work, and a bit of frustration, I now present to you the fruits of my labor: nearly perfect recreations of the 8-Bit tracks. Listen closely for those wonderful beeps-and-boops of old times.
Very interesting...
Again, I'll have to check the new version, but if your past work is any indication, this will be incredible!

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
Oh, yeah: you can now finish your pre-4th Gen Eevee-lution collection! Yay .
Yay? That's all you can say? Yay?! I demand more excitement from you! This was one of the things that truly bothered me about FR before, and you've fixed it!

Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post

GB Player
  • All of the 8-Bit songs are now based on the original code, resulting in tunes that are almost 100% accurate to their depictions in the old games.
  • The 8-Bit tracks now all use a unique voicebank, structured specially for making more 8-Bit songs with it.
  • Various sound cleanup and restoration of the original FireRed ROM's code where appropriate.
Catch 'em All
  • The most basic Real Time Clock features have been implemented, along with Jambo51's custom time-based evolution ASM codes for Eevee. Now you can get Espeon and Umbreon through standard means.
  • Bugfix: Raikou now appears where it is supposed to be after interacting with it in Altering Cave.

Enjoy the new version, guys!
*Looks through changelog*

I may have missed something in previous posts, but is the glitch with the map in the Wardrobe patch still there? I don't want to use it if that hasn't been fixed... I need to be able to fly, after all!

Some final notes:

How many Pokemon are currently available with the Catch 'em All patch? Also, dou you have any estimate of when all 251 will be implemented? (I'm expecting a very rough estimate of a very long time...)

While it is nice that all of the trees will stay cut, would it be possible to do the same with the Rock Smash stones? They're at least as annoying, and the HM to clear them is much later in the game and less useful.

Similar to above, while the trainer facing fix is cool, I'd rather have the running shoes work inside. Not because I'm impatient as much as because... They should work indoors to begin with. I believe HackMew has a simple tutorial on how to do it, and I think most players would like the addition.

Finally, I'd like to use this hack (specifically the extras and the Catch 'em All patches) so my niece can enjoy Pokemon as it should be. However, as she's still a beginner, it would be nice if you could get the Teachy TV by talking to the old man after his demonstration. This way, it wouldn't bother those who don't need it, and its still there for those who do. Of course, if you removed the item at some point during development then you can ignore this entire paragraph.

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