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Somewhere, on board the Libra II...

Jack walks through the empty halls, Pollo perched on his shoulder. These rooms of the ship seem deserted, dispite being in good repair. "You know, I figured that the ship still had passengers, not just a handful of people and Pokemon on their way to... wherever we're going."

"Chic..." Pollo moves closer to Jack's head, unnerved by the empty halls.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm sure everything's fine. And we can meet them later. I just wanted to look around before socializing with anyone, that's all. Now let's go topside and get some fresh air. These empty rooms are just depressing." With that, the pair head to the deck, surprised to see Castelia City ahead. "Huh. Fancy that. Guess we shouldn't have taken that nap. The trip's almost over now."

After making sure Pollo stays secure on his shoulder, Jack heads over to the edge of the boat, watching as it pulls up to the dock. Standing by the loading ramp, he sees a small group of people waiting for them on the pier. He doesn't recognize any of them, save for a large, bearded man near the back. "Hey, that's Professor Birch! I'm sure he'll be pleased to see us." Jack isn't the first one off the ship, since he has to rush back and retrieve his pack, but after the small delay, he's ready to begin. He waves casually to Birch, while Pollo hops once in an eager greeting, chirping happily.