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So here is my general idea for the next Pokemon game. Granted it’s more than likely going to be an inaccurate prediction because there is no precedent for it, but hey, there was no precedent for Black and White 2 and that happened. Okay so here it is:
Pokemon Grey for the Nintendo 3DS. (Updated graphics, maybe not full 3D models/overworld akin to PBR or the Pokedex 3D, but definitely not the outdated sprites from BW and B2W2)
Would take place in a new region, west of Unova, (continuing with the theme of resetting the series like how Johto was west of Kanto). You would be able to visit Unova and collect their badges after becoming the champion.
New player characters, new rivals, new professor, 8 new gym leaders, new elite four members and champion.
Final return of Team Plasma and N, finishing up the loose ends in their storyline. It would be about 2 years after the end of Black and White 2.
Would feature mostly Pokemon introduced in the Unova region, but include roughly 50 new never before seen Pokemon, including new starters and new evolutions from old Unova Pokemon. This would put the National Dex at about 700.
One of these new Pokemon would be the legendary Dragon that is a combination of Kyurem, Zekrom and Reshiram. It would be the version mascot.
Because it features a small amount of brand new Pokemon as well as takes place in a new region, but at the same time would be a direct continuation of the Black and White storyline and is a standalone game and not a paired version, it would be considered Generation 5.5.
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