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Originally Posted by jerichob10 View Post
Hello everybody, you can call me Jericho! In my pokemon black game the first pokemon i traded for was my scarmory and i raised it to lvl 100 and it was the first pokemon on that game that i did that with. So i am proud to say that a steel pokemon has been my ally from the very begining.

Username: Jerichob10 (call me jeri or jericho)
Partner Pokemon: Scarmory
Answer to current topic: I think the best steel legendary is dialga because of its look and its power. It is a great pokemon overall and deserves more attention then it gets.
Hiya Jericho, I'm sorry to say this but your membership is rejected due to you not choosing two partner Pokemon. Please choose another one & inform me, thanks in advance~

Originally Posted by DoraDAZ3R3D View Post

Username : DoraDAZ3R3D.
Partner Pokemon : Lucario and Scizor
Answer to current topic:
Who is your favorite Steel type legendary?
I have none (Yeah, I know, I'm a boring player...)
Who is your Least favorite Steel Type legendary?
Heatran, because of its design
Hola Dora, welcome to the club~ Please enjoy your time here !

Originally Posted by Totodilesteel99 View Post
Username:* Totodilesteel99
Partner Pokemon:* Empoleon and Metagross
Answer to current topic:* Klinglanf or Ferrothorn? Klinglang
Herro Steel, nice name you've got there~ Thanks for joining & please have fun!

Hello everyone, sorry for the sudden leave a few weeks ago but now I'm back & ready to go! I would like to thank all of you for keeping this club 'alive' during my absence~ OK, I have a new topic up, memberlist updated & everyone's quiz answers so expect the results soon! See ya all soon~!