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Fester and Rose
"Hey Fester look over there monsters!" Rose exclaimed, they had killed so many monsters she was now level 10 and able to help fight, "Why don't we both take them out?" She was getting bored watching him slay numerous monsters without her.

"Indeed there is Rose, but I want to kill them all." He groaned, "It is so fun and I have stuff I can cook!" He said excitedly. But then he drooped his shoulders, "Okay let's fight, but do computers have sword skills like can I substitute?"

"Uh, yeah they programmed us to do that before!" She knew sword skills, but not substitute, "No substituting yet though, I need to be level 15 for that."

"Odd but understandable, as I player I must be stronger than the NPCs at all times!" He said this heroically, though it was much out of place, "Let us go then!" This randomness would've surprised Rose earlier, but she'd been with him all day and this was how he always started a fight. She was now finding him more funny than scary.

They slew the group of monsters fairly quick, Rose only taking two potions, Fester forgetting to remember his health. "I must say I have way too much ore, of what use could a cook like me possibly do with ore?" He dramatically dropped to his knees, "Alas! A fair alchemist such as you has no reason for it either." He clutched his chest as if he were dying, "What a cruel trick!"

"We could find someone who needs it." Rose suggested.

"Very good girl! I'm glad you have risen from idiot AI to advanced!" That would be about the fifteenth insulting compliment he had told her.

"I'm twen-- designed to be the age of twenty!" She didn't want to be called a girl.

"Well then, I suppose a year is much shorter because surely you can't be more than fifteen!" He was standing up now.

"What makes you say that!?" She yelled.

"Well first of all, your breasts are lacking, in a game not rated for kids that is. Then you are quiet small and look fairly young." He spoke in a way that seemed like he was stating facts, but again another insult and compliment.

She said quietly, "I'm just a late bloomer..." Her voice rose again, "But I am twenty!"

He held his hands up, "Okay, okay these programmers are very odd about how NPCs act." Rose sighed, she knew Fester was only being an idiot, and was in fact a kind man. They decided to set camp up there.
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