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Originally Posted by Yogi1881 View Post
Is it possible to use multiple different egg sprites.
Like customizing pokemon eggs?
Yes, this would be possible, but you would have to learn ASM and create a routine for it.

Originally Posted by Alaka-Z View Post
@ Yogi1881-Maybe. The reason eggs use only one sprite is because of all the pointless memory it would take programming individual frames for hatching each one.

@ HerpaHermaDerp-Thanks. What script would I need to change music? Ppl on youtube say the default BGM is determined on trainer class- Say if I put a trainer with the trainer class Magma Leader, that badass theme from R/S would be default because its coded? Not to be a douche but why can't you share the infinite battles method? Is it like valuable advanced knowledge? Or.....Maybe say the e4 have idk a script or something that allows infinite battles with them? Finally, u have any vague ideas about the flashcarts that CAN link with genuine carts? Again, cheers; sorry for all the questions...
No, I chose not to share the infinite loop battle script here because this is the Simple Questions thread, not the Script Help thread And so far I've noticed that it would be best if you went with an EZFlash cartridge if you want to connect, seeing as those are by far the most praised and compatible GBA cartridge.