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Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
I need to tell u this DRG, if u r gonna put Ash, why would u not put Gary, and Mew is there but no Mewtwo? U planning on putting them in series 2?
Gary will be in Part 2 along with Iris, May, Dawn, and others. The reason Gary wasn't in this one is for 2 reasons; 1.I couldn't think of a reason to put him in it and 2.Dray is a recolor of Gary in this hack. Dray will have a new Trainer and OW sprite in part 2 which will allow me to use Gary's sprites without it looking odd. All of the characters will have new and original looks. Oren's OW sprite has already been decided and being customized as I write this actually. As for Mewtwo, Adrian has it. Mewtwo will be available to be caught in part 2 though. Adrian has All of the Knight's Pokemon. It's really a crazy battle, you'll see what I mean in December. It Will be the hardest battle in the entire hack.

Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
To be honest I don't mind putting Dusknoir in the hack. Who loves it?? I am greatly pleased with your efforts so I am thinking of writing a walk through for you. Is that OK? I have to quit my older project of another hack as it's been taken already by another member
Sure, that'll be great!