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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
My thoughts exactly. You know, even the second can be fixed cheaply with an external device, though USB DVD drives are getting a bit harder to find. That said, any of those laptops could probably be made into nice OSx86 machines if you want to put the time into that.

You know it's a problem when your computer chokes on Minecraft or even while trying to browse the web or play some Flash-based games. Doesn't help that my media collection seems to eat up a lot of spaces. (Note to self: short 1080p videos, even if YT quality, take up hundreds of megabytes.)

I checked, and Mountain Lion is full-fat on the 2011 MacBook Airs.

Yeah, I know, and I do have a 1 TB external drive, but it IS unwieldy - I use it more as a big, fat backup drive. I prefer to keep my media in one place with backups, OK?

The GPU upgrade was probably necessary anyway, since I've noticed that some of my games on Steam pretty much won't run at anything above 15 fps. Neither does Minecraft at a playable viewing distance (128 blocks/Normal).

Thank goodness the external SuperDrive behaves like a generic DVD drive when connected to any PC, as I've discovered when I was having trouble ejecting a disc from my Mac and used my dad's Toshiba to attempt to do so.

I suppose I can hold off on the purchase, but a laptop swap is still kinda... inevitable, unless something really changes my mind.


Maybe then, I think I'll just also trade in my tablet and just get a Windows 8 convertible...
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