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Jet Stryker / Level 13 - Floor 4/Dysthaven

Jet's eyes darted between the swordsman and the Golem's health, watching it plummet and turn gray. "That didn't take long," he commented, sheathing his daggers. When a message popped up to show how much experience he'd earned, Jet's eyebrows went up. That was a strong Golem. I'm about halfway to level 14 now. On the heels of the experience was a window showing the drops he'd gotten.

Unidentified Dagger

Unidentified? Jet didn't recall hearing anything about unidentified items before...but he was going to take it anyways. As he stashed the dagger, Jet listened quietly as the swordsman, Daniel, spoke his piece. "No problem, cap'n," Jet replied, easily catching the Potions tossed to him and stashing them in his inventory. "'Sides, it looked like--"

Jet cut his words short when the martial artist got in Daniel's face. "That creature didn't have to die. It was protecting something, you disturbed it, and then others were brought into this. Don't say you didn't ask for our help because I am aware of that, but there are some people who would sooner kill themselves than to see another player perish before their eyes. In the future I would advise choosing your battles more wisely."

"Um..." His sunglasses hid Jet's eyes as they ricocheted between watching the martial artist walk away and looking at Daniel. He was feeling uncomfortable with the situation, partly because he wasn't really on either side. The other's parting words confirmed that one or both of the other two players were Tamers. "Yeeeeaah," Jet started, his fingers tapping, "uh, I don't know about you, Daniel, but I'm gonna go see where that Golem might've come from. If it was guarding a room or somethin', then why don't we find it?" Jet began walking in the direction he'd seen the Golem come from, which turned out to be where the martial artist was heading.
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