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Quote originally posted by machomuu:
If you can, SwiftSign, can you look over my latest post? It has a lot of exposition, and I don't want it to be overpowered or be too descriptive for a non-GM.
The description (making up your own items, etc.) is all well and good. Try to avoid double-levelling, especially when you're soloing, as it could be deemed overpowered if it happens often. Otherwise all good!

Quote originally posted by Garet:
I have a somewhat similar question...I already mentioned it in my post, but would there be such a thing as unidentified weapons in SAO? Or should I take that out of my post?
It's ok, I know lots of RPGs have 'unidentified' items that need curating. I would suggest that it's just a high level weapon and the details emerge next time you level though For easiness sake.
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