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It's hard to chain in a sandstorm, but never give up!

When you use the pokeradar, you will see a few patches of grass shaking with different patterns, for example: normal shaking, shaking with white lines, shaking with yellow lines etc. What you are really looking for is shaking with sparkles.

Since it's your first time chaining, I don't know if you already know how to chain, but I'll explain anyway. The first step is to use LOTS of max or super repels. While chaining, ALWAYS step into grass that are shaking in the same pattern as the last patch you stepped in. And always defeat or catch the pokemon, never run away. Try to step into grass that is at least 4 patches away. And try to keep away from patches at the edge or at corners, or the chain might break.

All the best in chaining for that shiny Beldum! It is very hard to miss the sparkles, but in your case with the sandstorm, it's harder for you. :/ Just try your best!