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Originally Posted by Kasumi32133 View Post
I would say Misty, although I am a bit biased because as a little girl, I grew so attached to the first series. But I can say without bias, I hate dawn with a burning passion. She was so irritating, and her voice gave me a headache. She was so Gorky and obsessed with dresses and contests that I really hated her. Misty was a freaking gym leader!! May was okay, and I thought she was a good side-kick. But Misty was great. She had the most real seeming friendship with Ash, and her own story as well. You learned of her sisters, and had an actual reason to stay with Ash. Also, when she got her bike back, she didn't want to leave. I think that shows that she had grown a real friendship with Ash. Tears were shed in the Gotta Catch Ya Later episode. She will be missed. ;_;
If your going to post in a thread then at least post in a recent one discussing such a matter. Considering this is four years old I wouldn't exactly say this topic is recent. So if you would actually like to discuss you are more than welcome to create a topic on it. But in the future please avoid reviving old topics such as this one.

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