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Ryan payed the bill and departed in a very odd maner to Clare, though she understood. She herself stepped out of the restaurant and immediately went into the alleyway nearby. She climbed the fire escape and arrived on top of the roof. She sheilded her eyes from the sun as she looked out over the city. With a single leap she dived to the next building, landing with a roll. She still had some bruises so the landing was a bit painful but she was fine with it. I need to find one more student pair for a full group, I wonder who would join us...

She free ran until she was tired and there were more bruises than she started with, she considered this training and enjoyed it as well. She slipped down a street lamp with her gloves, landing on the sidewalk below. She landed near O's mechanic shop and peaked inside. As she walked in, she noticed a familiar figure. "Hey! Lucy, what are you doing here, I saw you at the hospital!"

The little girl looked toward her, "I am sorry but I am not Lucy, I am an automated robot programmed to sell goods, answer questions, and protect the store while my masters are gone."

"Who are your masters and where are they?" Clare was curious to know how accurate this robot is.

"I can not disclose the requested information, would you like to buy something?"

Sara looked around, the one thing that interested her was a hover board, "Can I get this?"

"Absolutely!" The robot said brightly, Clare could swear that it was a real person, "Please follow me to the fitting rooms so I may find the right size safety suit for you." She walked to some back rooms, and turned around as Clare entered. From the robot's hand a tape measure was pulled, she took all of the dimensions and measures of Clare then nodded. "Please wait here." In under a minute she reappeared, "Try this on!" Clare put on the suit that felt very comfortable, "Perfect fit! No need to take it off, simply come to the counter to purchase the board and suit."

Clare payed for the suit and went outside. She had ridden skateboards for a while, so she threw the board out like a skateboard and hoped on. The suit was magnetized and the board stayed on her feet, there was a button on her ankle that she could press to get off. "How do I use this thing," She thought aloud, "Maybe if I kick back and raise my front foot." The board rose and eventually she got the hang of it. "So to go higher, I just raise my front foot and to go lower I lower my back, that's easy." She kicked up to the roof of the store and practiced roof hoping on the board.
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