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Dante FareFyre, Floor 5.

…? The man on the ground kept his silence as time seemed to slowly creep by since Dante had asked the question.
“I’m sorry if I came off rude my good man, I was just curious to why you weren’t fighting back against such a weak monster when you had almost full health.” Dante said as sincerely as possible while putting out his hand to help the man up.
“Here I’ll help you up.”
The man just continued to staring at Dante with a blank look in his eyes, not moving a muscle.
“Uh.. I’m actually on my way out if you want me to escort you out of here?” Dante asked as nicely as he possibly could. Still no answer nor reaction from the man sitting in front of him. Annoyance was starting to creep into Dante’s voice as he continue the one sided conversation. “I guess you want to stay then?”
Nothing came from the man in front of him.
Sighing Dante told the man that he has about 30 seconds left until the next monster would most likely show up and that he was leaving.
“Here kid, at the very least take these, I hope to meet you again.” Continued Dante as he dropped a teleportation crystal and a health potion into the man’s lap as he began walking back in the direction he had original came from.

That kid was really odd; I wonder why he wouldn’t reply to me, thought Dante as two animated armor monsters burst into data fragments.
[Congratulations, you have reached level 17.] The golden plate that appeared in front of Dante stated. With a swipe of his hand he closed the plate and continued towards the exit, picking up the drops as he walked past them. Three levels above the recommended for this floor now, I guess this high respawn rate is good for something after all. “Speaking of which, I wonder if that guy back there ended up moving.” Dante asked himself as he rounded another corner, slowly getting closer to the exit.

The world suddenly opened up as Dante finally made his way out of the cave after taking another 20 minutes to get past all the monsters that got in his way on the way out, his inventory now almost completely full. He approached a small group of players sitting outside the cave with a smile on his face.
“Hello everyone, how’s it going?” Greeted Dante, smiling warmly at the group. His greeting was meet with a chorus of “hello” and “good”.
“So any news on whether the boss room has been found yet?”
“Nah, no one has found it yet, sorry,” replied a man who was wearing bronze plate armor and a helmet that covered his face completely.
“Okay thank you for your time.” Dante said, hiding his frustration. He turned from the group and began walking towards the bridge.

Nearing the bridge Dante remembered that his inventory was already almost full thus leaving him no reason to continue to walk back to the town. Quickly swiping in the air he opened up his inventory and activated a teleport crystal, while he continued walking. “Ah back in town.” Dante said to himself as he walked towards a bench by the teleportation portal. The town was a lot busier now than when Dante first got to floor 5 with more suppliers setting up shop for the clearers such as him.
This is nice but I do need to sell this stuff and get a new sword.. I guess I have to ask her for a hand again. Swiping the air Dante quickly opened up his friends list and with a sigh began composing the message.


To: Sona
Subject: Miss you
Hello darling, I need your help again. Come to the 5th floor, I’m by the portal. Can’t wait to see you.

After hitting the send button Dante closed the menu and lent back gazing into the sky.
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