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Fester and Rose
"Well he is a cheeky little bloke huh, I do say I don't remember yelling." He then became confused, "Wait how does an Npc hear!? And where does he think he is going!" He began rolling on the floor clutching his head, "This game is so complicated." He yelled.

Rose saw the boy look at her and then sigh, "What did that mean!" At first a bit annoyed herself, but then she felt guilty, they had clearly insulted the boy. She ran in his direction while Fester ranted on about things.

"Hey!" She yelled when she caught up, "Hey, wait a moment," She kept his pace while she spoke, "I want to apologize for my companion's insults, I've been dealing with it all day. He really doesn't have a grasp on the reality of this world, nor is a a people person." She told the boy about what she knew about Fester, mostly that he believed he was the only player in the game and believes death will result in a respawn, "I think he may be a bit, uh, insane, though he is a good person, save for his bloodlust for killing any and all monsters, I assume it is some sort of subconscious vendetta or he may be stupid."
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