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I don't have a problem with the new Gym Leaders or their personalities. We can criticize their battle prowess but look at were they are in the point of game you are at. Cheren is literally in your home town. I don't think a player has ever been able to fast a Gym leader as soon as you faced Cheren. Also for Cheren it seems he was "given" the pokemon or didn't have them very long. He mentions if he had his other team it would be a cake walk or something to that extent. So he is/was limited to pokemon he just obtained, so I'd cut him some slack cause by PWT time he seems to at least have an adequate team vs. Plasma for what he was given. Roxie is the second leader so she isn't that strong for me either especially considering pokemon available at Virbrank Complex and access to Riolu early on(same applies to Cheren in this case). So if you say there are easy then don't use Fighting or Steel on respective gyms. Marlon is okay as well so I don't see an issue with him, he is just as good as Wallace/Juan who I thought were "okay" . If you want to gauge the ability on the leaders then just face them in PWT for Leader or Type expert rounds.

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