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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Ferrothorrrrnnnnnnnnnnnn. :( I really, really, really disliked Ferrothorn, it was a huge disappointment after hearing there was a Grass/Steel type in Gen V, and I fear that what you're asking for is very similar! I'd love to see some kind of agile ninja type Pokémon with huge Steel blades and awesome vines and stuff! Now that would be cool. B)
What you want sounds like some sort of a jungle transformer... or a robotic Leavanyy. :P
I want some awesome prehistoric grass/steel dinosaur tank, like a combo of these two pokemon

Wouldn't it be so cool to have this as your final starter? :DDD

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
YESSS. That was my answer when I first replied to the topic, Grass/Bug is one of my favourite type combinations after the Sewaddle family <3 You'd be able to get such a cool/cute Pokémon using those two types and it could be kick-ass strong! Most definitely something I'd like to see happen. :D
As cool as another grass/bug would be, I just don't feel like it makes for a great starter. In game, bug types are naturally frail, :( (which is stupid, but I digress) and making it 4x weak to fire and flying makes for a really frail pokemon, especially if it's super fast with blades and vines and stuff. :B

A grass/electric would be cool! Solar panels?