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*Totally didn't start watching this because Ozzy told me too. That's definitely NOT what happened.

I really liked this anime. Every character had a really interesting past, and more depth than I expected them to have (like Luca, Debito, Mondo, Jolly and Liberta)

Also, Liberta's powers are INTENSE. And Felicita's powers are too, especially when she was just a little kid. I just really like the overall dynamic of the show, I like all the characters. And all the character have such interesting relationships with each other! Mama and Nova, Liberta and Dante, Jolly and Luca...

Luca's awesome by the way. I feel so bad for him half the time, though, as he's the brunt of a joke half the time. XD

I also really liked the episode with the lost cat. Nova and Liberta were hilarious in that one! XD

As for Felicita, no I don't think she could of chosen. The other one would be so crushed. Or, if she had had to choose, she would've gone with whoever won the Arcana Duella.

This made me laugh. XD
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