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Reki's Gallery

All of these pictures are in a random order. I'll update this thread every once in a while as I add new drawings to my DeviantART. I don't mind feedback and suggestions, but besides that, have fun viewing my various drawings! :3

All of the information about the drawing is located above the spoiler tag. The drawings are split into two categories, Traditional(hand drawn) and Computer(Paint Tool Sai). Alternatively, they can also be found on my DeviantART profile.

The information layout is:

- Title.
- Date drawing was finished.
- Computer Program (If it's digital art)
- Description.


Computer Drawings

~ Reki the Fenrir ~
Paint Tool Sai
My first drawing on the computer. It doesn't have a background because I tend to not do backgrounds with my drawings. The shading is sort of weird to me.


~ Riolu eating chocolate ~
Paint Tool Sai
I drew this for Halloween. Isn't he adorable?



Traditional Drawings
(NOTE: Some of the drawings are darker and don't look like the actual drawing. This is because of the lighting when I took the picture so ignore it if you can.)

~ Amaterasu ~
I drew this when I was bored during one of my classes in school. It's my favorite "traditional" drawing.

~ Riolu ~
The drawing is based off of the PMD version of Riolu who is often seen with a red scarf. The actual drawing is lighter, it's just the lighting in the background that makes the drawing look dark.

~ Dorumon ~
A drawing of one of my favorite Digimon.

~ Guilmon ~
Another drawing of one of my favorite Digimon. I kept the shading simplistic.

~ Kudamon ~
I drew this out of boredom in my school. Seriously, this was the quickest and easiest drawing I have ever done.

~ Chibisuke ~
A drawing of Chibisuke from Dragon Drive. I didn't have much to shade, and I kept it simple as I usually do for my drawings.


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