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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
Luca's awesome by the way. I feel so bad for him half the time, though, as he's the brunt of a joke half the time. XD

I also really liked the episode with the lost cat. Nova and Liberta were hilarious in that one! XD

As for Felicita, no I don't think she could of chosen. The other one would be so crushed. Or, if she had had to choose, she would've gone with whoever won the Arcana Duella.

This made me laugh. XD
I think this one moment summarizes what you said perfectly:

I do love Luca, he's absolutely amazing! He's so funny, such a good house keeper, and his Arcana powers are awesome. I have no idea what the Temperance card actually lets him do, but the powers that I've seen so far from him are really cool, especially in the Arcana Duella. I was really upset with how quickly he went out though, he was looking so badass in his first fight and then he just gets knocked out so fast without it even showing a battle, that was a huge disappointment. I was waiting to see a good battle with him through the whole course of the show :(
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