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Quote originally posted by 搞五搞六:
I'm a freshman in Touhou Puppet Play.I want to ask whether Touhou Puppet Play is a series or just a rom?Is there a Firered hack of it?And is there any difference between them?THX!
It's Japanese in origin, and originally a Fire Red hack. There's a million and one unofficial versions (this being one of them) but nearly all of the unofficial versions are terrible.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:
and when you mean difficult i hope its just not slapping doubleteam/minimize on every single mon
I'm pretty sure I can count the times I purposefully used evasion moves on one hand - as pathetic as it may sound, I sort of have a "passion" for the 1.8 "metagame" so foes rely more on actual good movesets rather than illegal moves or legendaries or evasion to kill you.

Quote originally posted by manutdrule:

I swear i just melt to pieces seeing some of the chibi forms.

Quote originally posted by or19937:
I remember playing this game a while ago. Didn't really enjoy it back then, but i'll give it another shot :3
Well, this hack probably isn't for everyone since you can't mindlessly space bar through it for the most part.
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