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Quote originally posted by Rainy Garden of Fire:
Hello! I'd like your Shiny Skarmory and your Shiny Joltik, please! Check my thread to see my offers. Even if it's only for Generation 4, don't worry, I'll Poke Transfer them.
How about your level 15 Genesect for my shiny joltik? :D

Quote originally posted by roen52:
Great. I'll be on for most of the day today.
I dropped you a message. Sorry I didn't contact you earlier, I thought I had spare pichus. I didn't, but now I have

Quote originally posted by Lunicli:
Hi, can you breed me a Horsea with Swift Swim as an ability and IVs in Atk, SpAtk and HP?
Any answer would be appreciated
Hey there Lunicli, sorry but that takes a long time for someone who can't RNG. I don't have that time :\
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