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Team Illusions

Hey there! The name's tajaros I've been Rom Hacking for half a year now and discovered it from Shinygold and Youtube. Anyways, I posted this thread so we can make the best hack ever. Even though I am now an experienced hacker I think I'm still lacking some things and that's why I have this team thread. So I am hoping people to help me in my hack and being on a team can improve your skills and be the best hacker out there. So just remember the best thing about hacking is the fun you get in doing it.

Current Project:
Pokemon Illusions
Hack of FireRed (BPRE)

New Pokemon from the 4th&5th Gen
New Story
New Region
New Tiles
New Maps
New Scripts
New Sprites
New Cries from 4th&5th gen
Amazing Gameplay
Pre-Battle Mugshots
Trainer Facing when battling (Just like in R/S/E)
Running Shoes Inside Buildings
Day&Night System

The hack is called Pokemon Illusions. You awake as a Boy/Girl from the beautiful region of Aincrad (Don't ask me why I use that I don't have anything in mind but SAO xD). There's this evil team that has the plan to control Legendaries by means of techie machines. The evil team is called Team Jazz they use a device to brainwash Pokemon so they will do their bidding. But, you have been ordered by Prof. Narra to go set out on a journey to vanquish the evil plans of Team Jazz. You and your Rival as bestfriends since Childhood are Pokemon Battle nerds (Not actually nerds but expert in Pokemon Battling). Can you defeat them and discover the mysteries of the Aincrad Region?


Mapper (1 Spot Left)
Title Screen Editor (1 Spot Left)
Spriter (3 Spots Left)
Ow Spriter (3 Spots left)
Tile Spriter/Inserter (2 Spots Left)
Music Hacker (I Spot Left)
ASM Hacker (Infinite Spots Left)
Door Animator (3 Spots Left)
Beta Testers

Team Members:

tajaros (Who could that be?) : Scripter, Mapper, Spriter, Storyline, Hex Editing, Tile Inserter, Cry Inserter, Basic ASM, etc.
The dragon tamer: Spriter
Pinkish Purple: OW Spriter, and Userbar Maker
atangerine: Mapper
Gerokunz: TitleScreen Editor, and Userbar Maker.
KiraKonGxi - TileInserter, Mapper.

Sign-Up Form:
Hacking Skills:
Applying as:
Contact Info (I prefer MSN and PM's):