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Originally Posted by Laugh View Post
Oh, I do hope others will join as soon as possible. Fan fiction means everything to me.

Since Reshiram is a dragon-fire-type, and Zekrom is a dragon-electric-type, I assume they cannot learn water moves, correct? If I could give either Kyurem a move that they can't learn, I'd make 'em learn Whirlpool, for some awkard reason. I think Whirlpool is a very poweful, effective move. I don't know, it just came to me.

Another question: I might have missed this, but can we start making our fan fics now? Like, as in, right now. Some of us -- particularly me -- take a while to make some fan fics. Plus I'm participating in both contests, so I'll have to squeeze in m'drawing. Can I start now?

I totally agree with the point system. It will be fun.
Also, I have an idea: badges. What if we make badges, then we give 'em to the members? For example, this member's been active a lot -- give him an Active Badge. You get the idea. This idea just came to me, really.
****!!! I'm sorry yes you can make your entries now and the contest has been moved to November 15th, 2012
but you can start on the projects now and send them in but the contest starts on the date said above and ends November 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM
Ahhh! I love the badges idea, although I can't make them D; could anyone else be able to do that? (if you do a badge may be awarded) ;D

Also Krazzikk the other theme can be on a Journey in Unova and anything really involving the Unova Region ;D

Welcome Boomyah

That said, you may do your contest entries as of now! :D