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Again - not sure if this is the right area... hopefully i am.

I'm constantly developing never-ending theories about pokemon. These often form the basis of my fanfictions i write.

My latest fascination has been with porygon.

I eventually came around to a little "realisation" of sorts. Porygon (2 or Z) is potentially related to Deoxys in some ways.

Firstly, the most obvious thing is colouration. Sure - the colours aren't exactly the same, but they're similar. Blue and red. Both are these colours.

Second is deoxys' pokedex entry. Deoxys was a virus in space that mutated. Porygon 2's pokedex entry states it was designed for space exploration. Now on top of this, porygon-z's entry states it has exhibited "strange behaviour". With strange behaviour, Porygon-Z could argueably be classified as a "virus".
So what if Deoxys is a mutant Porygon-Z? Mutated by space radiation?

Thirdly. Porygon's ability is download or trace - suggesting it can analyze opponents and change itself in accordance. This would explain Deoxys' ability to change formes.

It's just the basis for fanfiction and i know there are holes in my logic - but still. Believable?
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