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Quote originally posted by DeLaMuerte:
To quote a recently sent e-mail:
BTW, this guy is NOT on PokeCommunity as of yet. (I think)
Quote originally posted by Number Infinity:
You Know Pokemon is trolling you when you have six Pokemon at full HP and the person your battling has one Pokemon left, that Pokemon is a (presumably) well EV trained Hydreigon that manages to use Outrage for three turns gets confused and then get to use it for two more turns despite being confused! Lucky for me I had my awesome Kyrem (forgot how to spell it) that KOed him with a single ice move (can't remember which one).

Who was Pokemon trolling that day?

Gotta agree with this... confused Outrage is the most trolling thing ever =D

By the way, who in the world uses Hydreigon as physical sweeper? o.O

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