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It's time for my next update!
Pokemon Flora Sky randomizer Nuzlocke part 2: Newfound respect!

-Boxed tang because he wouldn't learn a good move for a WHILE!
-Grinded Konko to level 9
-Konko learned Fake Out!
-Caught a male, Mild, Raticate at level 3!
-Named him Ratat
-grinded Konko to level 12
-Konko learned Tail Whip
-grinded Ratat to level 10
-Ratat learned bite!
-Entered Puel City
-Went to gym and beat all trainers in it(Besides gym leader)
-Konko grew to level 13!
-Ratat grew to level 11!
-Battled gym leader. He was pretty easy dispite my two Pokemon being normal Type.
-Ratat grew to level 12!

That it fore now! More later!

My Pokemon Team!

Konko, the female, mild, Kangaskhan!
-level 13
-Ability: Early Bird
-Comet Punch
-Fake Out
-Tail Whip

Ratat, the male, mild, Raticate!
-Level 12
-Ability: Guts
-Swords Dance

Boxed Pokemon:

Tang, the female, Lonely, Tangrowth!
-Level 3
-Ability: Chlorophyll
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