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Your Username: Za_Destroyer
Your Rival: Hugh (B2/W2)
Partner Pokemon: Alex the Eevee and Hammy the Heracross
Why do you like Rivals?: They're usually a tough opponent in battles. Besides, you get lots o' EXP Points for beating them!

Why did you choose your Pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival?

Well, as for Hugh, I picked him because he never backs down. Even after his sister's Purrloin was kidnapped by Team Plasma, he never gave up on her and kept on looking for Purrloin.

I picked Eevee as one of my partners because 1) He's super cute <3 and 2) He can evolve into 7 different forms. I picked Heracross because he's just plain epic. I mean, who doesn't like giant, powerful bugs with horns on their heads?
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