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Daniel Williamson / Level 10
Floor 4: Dysthaven

"Lunatic player?" He repeated back to Jet. "No, not that I can think of. Well, other than various PKers." It was around this time that Daniel noticed something quite familiar about the scenario at hand. It'd been about ten or so minutes and there was no sign of monsters. The golem was the only thing to attack the group, but that was a rare monster. This reminded him of his first time on the fourth floor. He'd ventured to a dungeon with his friend Alistair. The dungeon was desolate and monsterless, save for one monster, a wyrm. Though, there certainly was no wyrm here, it was far too enclosed for any type of wyrm to live in. The wyrm was a trap, but it was still around the level that the dungeon supposedly was, which was around ten. This dungeon, however, harbored a rare monster that was most likely over the level of the entire floor. This didn't bode well for the group. Daniel's pupils narrowed, and he let out a subtle gasp. He looked at the two in front of him, and his lips started to read the word "Stop".

It was to no avail, however. There was no way that he could stop Ranzatsu, he wouldn't listen. Jet might have listened, and he considered telling him, but he also had to consider the fact that if Jet were to leave then there would be no chance that Ranzatsu would survive against whatever lay ahead. Teleportation items didn't work, so he wouldn't be able to make any sacrifices for anyone's safety. Daniel didn't know if he could bear the idea of losing someone else for reasons he could prevent, and these two were too young to die.

With this in mind, Daniel ran passed the two, making use of his Speed stats so that he would lose sight of them in the darkness. After about five minutes of running full tilt, he reached the end of the trail. At the end of the trail was a door, and a large one. It seemed to have some sort of symbol on it that seemed to resemble the golem that he and the others fought at the entrance. He pushed on the door, but was unable to open it. He surmised that the defeat of the golem would open the door, but...nothing. Then, out of his inventory appeared his Golem's Ore. It levitated into the air, glowed, and in reaction the door seemed to glow as well. Then, after a few moments, they both stopped glowing and the ore returned to his inventory. Daniel was shocked, but wasted no time. He quickly moved to push the door open. At first, he applied the normal force. Then, as he saw that the door wouldn't budge, he put all of his weight into it. Still, nothing happened. He looked to the charm that was hanging off of his neck, but it didn't seem to glow, which was...odd. He had no idea why, but the only thing he could do was wait for the others, much to his chagrin and contrary to his plans. Maybe he needed the other golem-slayers to open the door. Admittedly, Daniel only looked straight and ran straight, he had no idea if he'd passed any other corridors or tunnels on the way, but he couldn't risk leaving what was potentially the Boss Room. He plunged his sword into the ground and sat legs-crossed on the ground in wait.
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