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Fester stopped rolling around and murmuring after hearing some voices. "More NPCs?" He said very quietly, "Maybe they have need of my ores!" He jumped up and loudly said "Rose let us bestow our gifts upon the new guests!" He looked around and could not see Rose, "Such an oddity that she is not present but that is to be expected, she must have gone to get me more gifts!" He began moving toward the new people when he overheard one of them say he was a lunatic, "I AM NO SUCH THING!" He yelled from way back. One of the people began running down one of the tunnels and he ran after him. Fester stayed back, thinking that this was some sort of stealth quest and followed the person.

He stopped by a door and an item came out of his inventory. Fester gasped as it magically made the door glow, but didn't open it. He watched the NPC attempt to open it with force to no avail. The person sat down and appeared to wait. Fester yelled out, "Hey NPC guy, is that the boss room?" He charged at the door while yelling this. He slammed very hard into the door yet it did not open. "How odd, maybe if we pull it?" He looked for something to pull on, but did t see it. "How odd indeed, very odd indeed, do you know what I think this door is locked!"He snapped his fingers, "I figured it out."
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