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Race to the Finish is now OVER! Anyone who wishes to contest their ticket amounts has until Sunday to do so.
Quote originally posted by Creame:
Great!! Thanks! What about that November giveaway, how does that work
I give you a free Pokemon. Details about the Pokemon in question are on the first post towards the top of the page.
Quote originally posted by Charky-101:
Hey Necrum, can I request a MR2012 Keldeo (Quirky) please?

I know you said that events are free, but I have a DWF Skorupi to give in return
Sure thing. Hit me up tomorrow and I'll hook you up!

@Atria I only have room for one more breeding request. Also, you need to fill out a proper Breeding form. Just don't fill out the parts that don't matter.

Staff Antagonist Collab 2015 (Pardon the intrusion)
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