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Ive been using GTS negotiations for a long time now cause i find it awesome i once got a shiny mewtwo
and a shiny Altaria ....I LOVE ALTARIAS .... dont judge me
anyway here are some tricks for GTSN
1 use those icons in the corner
2 use the smiley face once u start (1st impressions)
3 if they show a boring pokemon or one u have, show a sad face
4 if they show a legendary or shiney show an !
5 if they have the pokemon u came for show a heart
6 if they have a nice pokemon u want show a smiley face
7 be sure that u have good pokemon too
8 U need to fight with them (kind of) if they show a good pokemon u show one even better
9 dont overdo it and become a showoff
10 if they have stupid pokemon and are just noobs then its acceptable that u ditch the negotiations
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