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We'll get to that tomorrow
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Gym 1: Nikola, Electric Types
Level 20: Elekid
Level 18: Pikachu
Level 18: Magnemite

Gym 2: Feynman, Psychic Types
Level 25: Elgyem
Level 23: Kadabra
Level 30: Alakazam

Gym 3: Bruce, Fighting Type
Level 34: Conkeldurr
Level 30: Machamp
Level 30: Medicham

Gym 4: Howard, Steel Type
Level 40: Magnezone
Level 40: Lucario
Level 44: Probopass
Level 45: Empoleon

Gym 5, Percival, Dark Type
Level 50: Houndoom
Level 46: Mightyena
Level 46: Umbreon

Gym 6, Daniel, Ghost Types
Level 52: Gengar
Level 44: Haunter
Level 43: Drifblim
Level 50: Mismagius

Gym 7, Ryusei, Dragon Types
Level 60: Garchomp
Level 55: Dragonite
Level 45: Altaria
Level 50: Salamence

Gym 8, Yuki, Ice Types
Level 61: Abomasnow
Level 63: Weavile
Level 63: Froslass
Level 60: Glalie

Elite 4

Moredcai, Flying Types
Level 75: Togekiss
Level 75: Staraptor
Level 80: Swellow
Level 85: Skarmory

Stream, Water Types
Level 85: Blastoise
Level 85: Feraligtr
Level 90: Samurott
Level 92: Gyarados

Endo, Fire Types
Level 86: Charizard
Level 88: Typhlosion
Level 85: Infernape
Level 92: Magmortar

Gaia, Grass Types
Level 90: Venusaur
Level 92: Meganium
Level 93: Sceptile
Level 90: Tropius


Wally (ya that little sick kid from R/S/E is the Champ)

Level 96: Roserade
Level 95: Magnezone
Level 95: Delacatty
Level 95: Scizor
Level 97: Gardevoir

Basically the story here is that the gym leaders are also the region's brightest group of scientists and doctors. They're all trying to see the effects of pokemon on the trainer, and how the health of the trainer is crucial for the performance of the pokemon and vice versa, which is why Wally is the champ, his improvement is the result of their research.


Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?

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