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Originally Posted by Wildefox View Post
I confirm that this is going to be my team, but i'm evolving gastly.

in the rules it says it's optional if you want to have NFE pokemon in your team, so i believe you can evolve them, as for the other question, you catch you team.
Thanks, but do I hack them in or do I, for example, start with cyndaquil(which will later become a Typhlosion), and catch the others in the wild legally throughout the game?

What I did was hacking Typhlosion as my starter, and after getting my Pokedex and five Pokeballs, I just Gameshark'ed the other five into the first route. Is it acceptable? Would be a ***** to obtain Sneasel and Corsola if it isn't.

But anyway, I wanna sign up again, now that I know that I can evolve NFE Pokemon. It's much more fun raising them from the first form.

Here we go again:

Name: or19937
Game: Crystal
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: Do not exclude NFE, and no Normal types.
Dex: Johto.