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Originally Posted by BAFielder View Post
Ok, so I think I have a problem. I've always known myself to be a perfectionist, but I have this problem with not just Pokemon but other videogames as well. I will consistantly start new games at the slightest provacation. My starter learned/didn't learn the wrong/right move, I lost a Gym battle I should of had in the bag thanks to Retaliate, I focus on a One PKMN run and get angry when I have to catch others to advance, I totally cheat out my save and get bored,ect. The List goes on and on!

When I think about the time I've sunk into this, I realize I could have bought every Pokemon game and FULLY completed them in the time wasted.

Anyone have a solution for what I'm classifying as a mental illness?

In all seriousness though, please help me...
You should play Fire Emblem, it develops said mental illness.

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