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Current Status
League Champion

I've finally beat the Champion! After a few tries. Iris was rather difficult to defeat, since I had no Ice types in my team. I defeated the Elite 4 pretty easily though. Vice was the only one who had a move that was super effective against her Dragon types. Vincent led the battle and managed to take out half of her team. I was spamming Close Combat until Haxorus took Vincent out. I still had my whole team left, so I managed to win the battle. Here are my teams stats when I won the championship.

Hall of Fame

Vincent the Lucario(m) Lv58
Swords Dance
Close Combat
Calm Mind
Aura Sphere

Kinesis the Espeon(m) Lv59
Signal Beam
Morning Sun

Napoleon the Floatzel(m) Lv58
Hydro Pump
Aqua Tail

Venix the Serperoir(m) Lv58
Leech Seed
Giga Drain
Leaf Blade

Vice the Arcanine(m) Lv58
Flare Blitze
Heat Wave

Dev the Krookodile(m) Lv59
Foul Play

Ah, victory feels good. I liked the credits as well. Now that I've defeated the League, I'll be updating less frequently. I traded over some Pokemon from White in case I ever need some help. The Pokemon I traded over were my Rhyperior, Gengar, Walrein, Magneton, Zekrom, and my trusty Venasaur that I've had for years. Venasaur is the only Pokemon that's level 100. Everybody else is level 70 and Zekrom is level 56. I never did use legendaries very much, with a few exceptions. I've also obtained the Light Stone. (I almost had a panic attack when N started a battle with a level 70 Reshiram) I'll be heading over to the Dragonsprial Tower soon. I did some other stuff too, but I don't feel like it's important enough to try to remember. Right now I'm in Nuvema Town just looking around.
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