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I am so going to be in this.
I'm currently a student of biology at my university and love all areas. I've had, as far as high school goes, two classes of biology, chemistry and physics as well as a course on geology, marine ecology, environmental biology, and three geography courses. In uni I've had
2 courses of physical geology
2 courses of cell & molecular biology
1 course of vertibrate zoology and 1 course of invertibrate zoology
2 courses of environmental biology
2 courses of botany
1 course of anatomy
2 courses of biochemistry
2 courses of organic chemistry and 1 course of inorganic chemistry
1 course on molecular physics
1 course on optics
2 courses on astronomy
2 courses on public health
2 courses on psychology

I guess you can say I'm fairly educated in the sciences. I absolutely love environmental biology and ecology.

Thank you so much for making this club.