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Icy Burn, huh? That's pretty clever! Welcome to PC! :D

I like white Kyurem too, though to be honest I only grew attached after playing Black 2. As for using legendaries, that's another thing I agree with - it makes the games too easy for me so I tend to stay away from using them unless it's just for fun. We have a good bit in common already, it seems~

PC is definitely a cool place, so it's nice to see that you're enjoying it here so far! Never be scared to talk to anyone, our members (and staff, of course) are great people. You're free to shoot me a friend request and chat if you like, I love meeting new people. n n I read your whole intro too by the way, great seeing new members pour more thought into their intro. Helps us get to know you better. :3

Have fun!

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