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I never ask to be one. In fact, the least of my desires is to have the job of moderating dumped onto me on most forums. Gearbox Forums where I have 12k posts? **** no. It's literally ****ing hell to moderate there. ****ton of trolling, people making topics about the same thing every 5 seconds, bickering, and constant blatant disregard for the rules.

One mod even left for about a year because he was fed up with the job. Good guy too. It's like moderating there just mentally breaks a person.

Ranting aside, the reason I asked about it is because this place feels pleasant and peaceful and it would be nice to mod here if I was given the opportunity. Again, not asking for it, it was just a thought I had. Unless inquiring about the conditions for being a mod out of curiosity actually reduces your chances of becoming one in which case that would be terrible.