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Originally Posted by Meowing Mewtwo View Post
I'd have to go with no, but I'm kinda on the fence. You see, previous evidence has suggested that Zorua/Zoroark can't talk. I found it a little freaky that the guy turned into a Zoroark, but I'm very stubborn, and the event Zorua never talked, nor did the event Zoroark in the original BW games. And we mustn't neglect the flat-out disproof of this theory at the hands of those two girls with funny hair, saying N was ditched by his family because they were freaked out by him. Sorry if I'm digging in my heels, but that's my opinion. If you don't like it, can't help you. =\ If you're that desperate for attention, go start a mob. (Forgive my cynicism,all you sensitive hearts out there)
no cause zorua can talk. cause in pokemon zorark and the masters of illusions
movie zorua uses telepythy
yes im a spriter now! :D and my proof is right here

made bye me...
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