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Originally Posted by TrollShammy80 View Post Pokemon is

Username: TrollShammy80
Game: Prestigious Platinum
Pokemon: 4
Restrictions: No Same types, balanced out plz (1 starter) -all gens 1-4 avaiable- legends are ok mostly the trios or non uber legendarys

Team -rolled by one of my best friends-
1-Lumineon -_-' (Thanks Xavi, either he did that on purpose to spite me or the generator made fun of me)
2-Purugly (lol)
You got luck girl, here's the rest of your team:


At first I thought both Drapion and Yanma are bug types but apparently only Yanma is, so no same types.

Update #4 - Quick update: Rival battle and Morty.

Did some grinding in route 37, got my team bulkier.
Defeated le rival and le gym leader. Forgot to take screenshots, but what I did take a screenshot of was this shiny Hoothoot(Which I obviously boxed, and I don't care if the rules allow that or not. A shiny Hoothoot brings back memories!):


Zyx, lvl 30
Drillbug, lvl 28
Anon, lvl 27
Legend, lvl 28
Beenith, lvl 28
Herp, lvl 28

Update #5 - Alot of s*** happened

I now have seven gym badges.
Finished the radio tower mission.

Here are some screenies for ya'll:

"Eusine's Haunter..."

And last but not least:

He finally evolved :D

And yes I forgot to take a screenshot of Pryce... No big deal.


Zyx, lvl 41
Herp, lvl 37
Anon, lvl 35
Drillbug, lvl 32
Beenith, lvl 31
Legend, lvl 29... ^^'

Update #6 - Clair

Eighth badge obtained. Now we're off to face the elite four(well, after i'll do my fair share of grinding).

Here's a screenie from the showdown:


Zyx, lvl 41
Herp, lvl 41
Anon, lvl 35
Drillbug, lvl 35
Beenith, lvl 31
Legend, lvl 29

Update #7 - Defeated the Elite Four


And now, off to Kanto, taking big steps unto finishing this challenge!


Zyx, lvl 51
Herp, lvl 53
Anon, lvl 53
Drillbug, lvl 50
Beenith, lvl 50
Legend, lvl 50

Last update - The Kanto gym leaders and Red
Phew, i'm done.

It took me several tries to defeat red, but I eventually did it.

I only took two screenshots, one after defeating Surge, and one after defeating Red:

Final team:

Zyx, lvl 60
Herp, lvl 60
Anon, lvl 60
Drillbug, lvl 60
Beenith, lvl 60
Legend, lvl 60

Yes, I know xD