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Apricorns! They come in all shapes and sizes,round,soft,squishy,red,blue,white,yellow,pink...the appearances it can take are endless! They drop off small trees daily for you to pick and keep in a little Apricon Box given to you by a man on Route 30. I'd say they're literally everywhere- in small,routes,near huge forests and murky dark places. Sometimes you'll have to do tricky puzzles or use HMs to reach certain Apricorns.

Apricorns have a purpose-not just collecting :3. They can be used to be exchanged for various Pokeballs which will aid you in catching all of those stubborn Pokemon lurking around.So did you find a good purpose of them? Do you just pick them up throughout your journey...or do you put in that little effort to go back and collect some more?

Maybe you think differently? Is it useless...serves nothing...shouldn't exist?

But yeah,just post your opinion on these small fruits here :D!

pineapples are cool.

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