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Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
It made me laugh they went on about ZombiU being for the Wii U, then said it would be going on PS3 and 360.

I saw the Wii U at the weekend and it didn't set any burning desire to order one; just didn't get me excited for it. A lot of the people using it looked very confused, but can't base the consoles performance on people who had just been given the controller! XD

It doesn't seem they have learnt with the Wii that you NEED good release games or it is going to be a rough release. :/
They retracted that and ZombiU will only be on Wii U because it is the only system with the touchscreen on a controller "ready".

But I do think the Wii U has some good titles. The library is already better than the Wii's. Even Pachter acknowledged that the library of games is wonderful. It just needs more exclusives. Bayonetta 2 was a good step, but they need more.
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