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red: Sure, I'd trade a DWF Eevee for a DWF Torkoal. Let me know when you're available to trade.

Matzzz: Do you clone? I'll only trade my EV'd Pokemon if you can clone them and send back the originals. What are the EV spreads and IVs of your Rotom-W and Porygon-Z?

atria: Again, do you clone? I can only trade my shinies if you can clone and send back the originals. I'd be interested in the shiny Tyrogue.

Bone: Wow, that would be wonderful! Thank you! Let me know what you're free to trade.

Rainy Garden of Fire: Oh wow, I am extremely interested in this deal. I would gladly trade the extra three shinies since you're RNG abusing legendaries. Are you able to clone? I can only trade my shinies if I can get someone to clone them. If not, let me know if your project is working, and I can try to check the Cloning Thread to see if someone can clone me copies of the shinies.

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