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My character's name: Nes I always use this name for some reason
Rival's Name: Hugh cause I was lazy and just wanted to start playing

White 2 Team:
Serperior (m): Tojo I don't name I just went with the same nickname for my blaze black serperior
Espeon (f): Revi cause I was watching black lagoon
Braviary (m): Crews, it would've felt corny if I named in Aero or Zero
Lucario (f): Lana, I didn't want try too hard
Lapras (m): Torren cause it would've sounded weird if I named it Siena (Would've used this name is it was a female)
Zoroark (m): It's N's Zoroark so I couldn't change the name, if I could I probably would've named it Zolo

2nd Team:
Typhlosion (m): Quils I kept is really simple
Archeops (f): Aeris I googled it
Umbreon (m): Nero cause it sounded cool
Zoroark: First team
Lapras: First team
Lucario: First team