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i'm pretty sure that there's a bit of a delay between character death and brain frying, since otherwise santa claus's revival item would be useless.

but anyways dudes if you don't like the Power of Friendship and the conjecture that love conquers all, then i suggest you go watch some dark-noir series where everyone dies and does cocaine and dies while doing cocaine and so on and so forth.
or you can just stay in reality; there is nothing more silly than trying to look for reality in fiction.
(while there is such a thing as the willing suspension of disbelief, i don't think it's so serious in SAO)

Originally Posted by Broken_Arrow View Post
so,ots of people kept saying SAO Sao it's a pretty good anime so i decided to read some spoilers and reviews i found out that it's disappointing..tbh i wonder why do you people like it a lot?
so you haven't watched it yourself?
just so you know, by the way, the reviews on ANN are mostly garbage.

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