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Originally Posted by Pokemon For The Win View Post
I would like a Reshiram. I will trade it for a Zekrom. I don't care about attacks or abilities.
Do you mean a regular Reshiram, or the Event Reshiram?
Originally Posted by Bone View Post
Hello there! I'm interested in these events:
こくら バシャーモ (Kokura Blaziken)

フクオカ カイオーガ (Fukuoka Kyogre)

*WIN2011 Entei*
Lvl 30, Adamant

*WIN2011 Raikou (Trained)*
Lvl 64, Rash

Gamestp Deoxys

*SMR2010 Jirachi*
Sure thing. Let me know when you want to pick them up!
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