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Me - Ozzy. Obvious reasons there!
Rival - Matt. I know a guy called Matt that bought White 2 and I'm tired of naming them all the same thing so it's a bit of variety from normal.
Snivy/Servine - Blade. It seems like a fitting name for a Servine/Serperior and my awesome friend uses that name on forums :3
Koffing - Greg. It's a flatmate of mine that coughs a lot, end of story. xD
Buneary - Kenna! The female version of Kenny which is the name of my rabbit back at home.
Eevee - Johnny. I have no idea why, it just seemed kinda fitting. x3

This was all on B2, I promise the names will get more creative soon paha. I also have one called Koligbird but I'm keeping that Pokémon's identity a secret for now for various reasons. B)
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