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This is a remake of my old story posted a year ago! Link:

Marowak: The Avenger

In Ilex Forest, frigid winds traveled across the silent, tropical area as they pushed leaves and grass lightly. Almost every Pokemon that resides at this distant, remote area are mostly set in intense hibernation. Except a lone wolf Marowak that’s in the center of the forest with no trees cascading her presence.

Her succulent, large, sleek leaves that she lightly placed onto the unhatched eggs allowed them to take their snuggling warmth and protection. One egg shakes violently as a small opening allows the young to view the whole world.

The mother quietly trailed off to the forest. She equipped her bone and harshly slashed off the dormant, unreachable leaves from their peaceful slumber. She swiftly grasped them and she slowly walks cautiously, managing not to let the glassy leaves pour out of her vibrating hands, until she bashed into a shady, metallic, gray robust figure that's blocking her view.

The unknown figure turns around towards her, and groaned in a harsh tone to display his annoyance towards the oblivious Marowak. It turned around with an irritated expression on its face, startling the Marowak as she scampers back. Then it released a harsh, monstrous bellow towards her face and ears that caused her eardrums to ring a vibrating pain inside her head.

Its menacing blue eyes gave an intimidation to the Marowak as she moves back. She's harshly astonished as she's glaring at this disturbing view. Even his gray, steel hard plates let out a bright shine towards her eyes, making her vision moderately obscure. There is no single dent or tear on the polished armor.

The mother harshly shivers with constant, painful grief punching her heart. If she doesn't take care of the babies, who will be left to care for these infants? She flees as the Aggron follows her, until they're at the center of the forest with no other passageways for elusion.

The curious young slowly went close to the little opening and stuck out his big eye to view on what's happening. The infuriated Aggron tried using Head Smash as it quickly rams toward her. But the Marowak quickly used her bone to shield the collision. Her body was slowly being planted into the ground as she is being pushed back.

Then Aggron used Hammer Arm as he placed his big fist up towards the clear, blue sky while his clear plates bounced the bright sunlight. Once he lashed it out on her, she quickly protects herself by using the rock hard bone over her skull. The bone slowly let out a small cracking noise. The Marowak quickly became aware as she quickly glanced up on her bone as the crack enlarges. The bone was split into two!

The baby was harshly astonished on what he's just seeing from this horrible sight. Why aren’t there any other bones to get a hold on? Then the enormous Aggron picked her up, squeezing her tender body while she slowly opened her mouth and screeching painfully. Then he harshly sends her to the ground!

She let out a loud, painful screech as the emotionless Aggron glares at her. She tried getting up as she shivers, feeling a tangled suffocation in her lungs as blood spews out of her mouth. Then he harshly stomps his foot on her back! He slowly creams her to the ground with his enormous foot. She tried calling out for help, but it came out as a scratchy, quiet voice.

Grasping her head, the Aggron harshly tries to squeeze it, causing the skull her head's binded with to shatter like glass. Dark, red, blood leaked out of her eyelids and mouth, dripping incessantly, faintly echoing pattering noises that infuriates the Aggron's well being. Aggron swung out his right arm, harshly tossing her empty carcass into the bushes, causing a flock of leaves to shake in annoyance as they uphold her. The Aggron polished off the big blotches of sticky, red blood from his tainted armor dotted over his body. He slowly went back to his sleeping spot, done with his drastic murder.

The baby busts out of the egg and sprints towards his mom. But he now knows that she's passed away. He never got the opportunity to play with, or try to get to know her. Where has the father gone to? He got heavily slaughtered by a merciless Charizard.

Baring an endless, dark, dreadful hole to grow inside his stomach, he desperately tries to shake the corpse. It has a massive quantity of scrapes slashed all over it body as blood persists to ooze out, causing the baby to become intimidated. Her body's eyes are wide open along its blank, meaningless gaze.

But the body showed no response of mobility. For days he weeps while he's on top of the corpse for days while the crystal, clear droplets of rain desired to touch everyone so it can feel their sorrow and pain, especially the lonely, depressed Cubone. The rain stopped as the puffy, white clouds began to disassemble, revealing the bright sun that greeted the whole planet.

The Cubone was sleeping on his mother with his hands and head on her belly, until he heard cracking noises travelling towards his ear. He slowly opened his eyes and glanced at his siblings hatching out of their dormant state of development.

He dashed towards them, feeling relieved to see that they all hatched together. The newly-hatched pups all looked up and glanced at the worried Cubone reaching them. Then the oldest Cubone told them that their parents are no longer with them. He showed her abused carcass. They bursted out with loud bawls of crying and snuggled up together, hugging each other. They have no one look over them with the exception of their oldest sibling.

To signify the sign of being the eldest, he quickly grasped her moderate cracked skull and one of his late mother's femur bones. He slowly dragged the slightly eroded carcass into the shady, green bushes out of everyone's sight, and looked over his siblings' safety. He vowed that he will kill that Aggron for the merciless slaughter of his innocent mother.

A few weeks have flown by. The Cubone was near a close by river. With his eyes closed, he heard the faint sounds of the water splashing on the ground and stones sending a euphoria traveling towards his ear. Once he was completely focused with his eyes open, he leaped up into the sky and quickly dived down with his bone centered in front of his face with his other limbs close to his body. He quickly tried bashing the sturdy, polished, gray boulder with his bone club. But not a single dent was created on the steel hard boulder.

Suddenly he was aware of a human's faint voice with a young Pokemon's soft cry traveling from the quiet bushes. He quickly leaped into the bushes, and took a glimpse of a young red haired boy glancing in the bushes with a Cyndaquil near his leg.

"I must make sure that I can get that Cubone for Professor Elm. Quil, try to look for one as well." The boy said as he walks cautiously in the tranquil forest while his blue eyes viewing the whole area in search of a Cubone.

"Quil Cynda." Cyndaquil quickly placed his head down and slowly crawled as he tries to look and hear for a Cubone.

The Cubone felt a sharp pain twisting his stomach. He worries that those 2 might take them in a mysterious place, then he wonders on what this "Professor Elm" will do them. He quickly dashed towards where he hid them and tried to make sure that they are well protected. The Cyndaquil heard faint whimpering coming from the center of the forest.

"Quil Quil! Cynda!" the Cyndaquil yelled, with seriousness resonating out of his cry.

"You found them!?" the boy roughly asked. Cyndaquil nodded his head to display his loyalty.

They bolted into the center of the forest. They glanced around the whole area left and right, until they discovered the grim Cubone with his arm placed while grasping on the bone and the intimidated siblings clustered up together. The young siblings starts to quiver as sweat pours down out of their tensed, vibrating bodies. Even though they are perplexed by how they might be split apart, the older Cubone rejects the option of being captured.

The Cubone and the Cyndaquil began their fight. Adrenaline rushed into the Cubone's bloodstream as he springs up to the sky, so does the Cyndaquil. He pours in all of his power and frustration into the bone, feeling extremely furious of this Cyndaquil for wanting to defeat him. When he was about to swing out the bone to Cyndaquil, the Cyndaquil quickly went over the infuriated Cubone's head.

The Cubone was amazed by how agile this Cyndaquil is. He lost his stability and plunged down to the ground, slamming face-first into the tree, causing leaves to shower down to him. He quickly got up and harshly brushed off the leaves. He lets out an annoyed glare towards the Cyndaquil as he lands gracefully on all of his legs. The Cyndaquil somersaulted and spins as his massive flames erupted out of his back. He still persists to do this as the fire starts to engulf him in flames.

The Cubone was astonished he sees that the fire reformed into an enormous, fierce, flaming wheel. He slowly cowers back as he views this big combustion towering over him. The Cyndaquil quickly rams the Cubone to the tree, causing a huge burst of the tree. The Cubone lied down face flat while he’s unable to battle this difficult Pokemon. He slams the ground in frustration with his fists clenched. His teeth were clenched together as he quietly snarls, showing this Cubone's anger and revenge for this. He looks up to the boy with the Cyndaquil trailing off as they began to fade and fade until they are no longer seen.

The Cubone got up and dashed towards his astonished siblings. There's not a single scratch on the siblings' soft, sleek bodies. All of them, including the oldest Cubone, quivered to each other as they weep and weep. Cubone feels extremely lost in the head for how he was defeated by that Cyndaquil.

With his unbelievably swift speed that makes him completely untouchable along with his destructive power coursing in his body makes him unbelievably strong for a young Cyndaquil, along with his destructive Flame Wheel attack was really devastating that he can even send the whole forest on fire if not used properly.

He trashed it out of his mind and slowly walked to his mother's corpse. Her body is completely left with just little, cracked bones while the soothing and calm breeze slowly gathers away her remains. The young gathered together their hands tightly grasped on each other's back together and bawled in depression. Then the older Cubone took this as nothing and slowly trailed off the river.

After 7 weeks, the Cubone finally mastered Bonerang. The bone rushes back to his open palm, then he heard a loud shriek cascading out of center. He briskly plunges into the bushes and jumps out to the center, and he saw an Aggron menacingly staring at the terrified siblings as they are bunched up together, shivering in agony. His monstrous grumbling caused the petrified young to let sweat rush out of their prickly fur. The Cubone peered closely until he remembers on how familiar this Aggron is.

Same monstrous tone, atrocious blue eyes, with robust, chrome, shiny armor. He already knows that one day, he'll meet that Aggron and slaughter it for what that monster did to his mother when he was just born. Before the Aggron was slash out the babies, the Cubone starts to evolve. A bright flash of light made the Aggron's vision obscure as he moves back from the terrified Cubone. This Cubone is finally a fully fledged Marowak.

He quickly leaps out of the bushes just in time. Before that Aggron was about to slash the Cubone, Marowak briskly dashed towards the Aggron and swung out his bone and shielded the hit. The Aggron grasped his hand and saw small scrapes on his teared claws.
He was disoriented for that swift attack. The Marowak glanced up at the enormous Aggron. Then he put his clenched fist up as he harshly huffs and puff, venting out hot, tensed puffs of air out of his mouth. They both dashed towards each other and their hits clashed as the strong, dangerous force of wind emerging out of their hits began to push away the children as they were being split apart.

They stopped their clashing. The newly evolved Marowak tried using Bone Club by harsly bashing the sturdy Aggron back and forth, but not a single scratch or tear came out of the armor. He was amazed by the sturdy armor. Ground types are REALLY effective against Rock/Steel types. The Aggron angrily pushed the Marowak away from him. The Marowak fell on his legs and got up, exhaling out hot puffs of air and frustration.

The Marowak jumped out of the ground and harshly swung his bone towards the Aggron's head, and the Aggron didn't even flinch or have a single tear. The Aggron got infuriated and grabbed the Marowak's tender body. The strongest he could, he squeezed the body, causing the Marowak to feel a sharp pain all over his stomach.

He slammed the Marowak to the ground! The Marowak slowly tried getting up as he struggles to get on his feet. Then he was harshly whipped by the Aggron's long, sturdy Iron tail. Marowak was bashed to a tree, and slipped to the ground. He slowly tried to get up, but the Aggron then grabbed him tight, not letting this Marowak slip out of his tough hands. He then tossed him to the sky.
The Marowak was unable to move, since his body is badly damaged. The Aggron slowly opened his mouth as he began to charge in a Hyper Beam as a small, reddish white, glowing light began to emerge out of his mouth as it creates a rushing echo out of it.

Then he lets out the blast. It was briskly rushing towards the Marowak. The Marowak turned around and saw the blast coming to him. His heart was being twisted, until he was collided by the strong blast, giving out a big explosion as it pushed the trees and bushes harshly. Marowak was sent to the bushes and concealed himself, not letting that monstrosity expose him. The Marowak sensed a nauseous feel in his stomach on how this Aggron is massively strong.

He was extremely frustrated on how strong and difficult this Aggron is, along with how his attacks seem to make Aggron unaffected. Then he he glanced back on how Bone Rush and Earthquake can work as a combo. They can work! He ran back to the Aggron, and quickly did a stance with his left leg planted in the front with his arm as well while holding the bone.

When the Aggron was about attack the Marowak, he felt a small, tensed, medium earthquake as it emits out rumbles and cracks from the bottom. The Aggron's astonished with his mouth open, his heart racing and his eyes tensed up, wondering on what's going on. Then the rumbles increased as it became more and more stronger. The Aggron lost his balance and fell down, unable to get up. Then the Marowak grabbed the heavy ton Aggron and tossed him to the sky effortlessly.

Then he springs up and used Bone Rush as he swings his long bone right at his stomach as a scratchy roar emits out of the sickly Aggron. The Aggron plunged down to the ground as he was still being forcefully moved until he slowed down. He slowly tries to get up, but he doesn't have the potential to. Marowak sprints towards him and flinged him to a tree. Then he jumps towards his neck and used Cut to exterminate him once and for all.

In just an instant, blood quickly erupted out of his head and neck. The eyes quickly bursted as the Aggron's lifeless carcass fell down while puffs of dust are being formed. Marowak traced his eyes toward it, seeing blood trailing towards his soaked leg. The Vengeance is complete.

When the Marowak went to his unharmed siblings, they were very excited on how he evolved and defeated that monstrous Aggron. At night when the Marowak was about to rest with his sibling, he heard a ghastly, echoing moan travelling into his head. That voice is completely familiar. Then he finally saw the ghost of his own mother slowly fade in. His heart was quickly thrashing his chest as joyful, blissful tears began rushing out of his eyes.

She thanks him for killing the Marowak and how he would train till this fateful day. Feeling sentimental, he was about to touch her joyful soul, until she quickly faded away. He sniffles as he brushes off the tears. Then he looked up, happily smiling. If something bad happens to them, he will make sure that he can exterminate every bad people in the harsh way.
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