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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Yeah, another birthday has come, and today (November 4) we say...

Happy Birthday gunnerpow7!

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
He's turning 15 today, and man does he liek 'em Bellossomz.
I do liek 'em Bellossomz :3

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Let's celebrate this friendly Filipino's 15 years of being on this world and go and find all the Bellossom you can to give him on his special day. (And no, we're not going Belloppa Gangnam Style)
But... I want to do Belloppa Gangnam Style! :<

Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
And here, have a Bellossom:

The image is not working for me :< But still, thanks Hikari!!! :D

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Yaaaaay, happy birthday dude! Hope you have an amazing day filled with loads of Oddishes and cakes :D
Thanks Ozcake! Ooooh... Oddish cake! Yumyum :3

Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
"Maligayang Kaarawan!" <- This is how we say happy Birthday in Filipino... xD

Anyways, Happy birthday! :D
"Salamat pre!" <- This is how we say Thanks dude in Filipino... xD

Thanks tajaros!

Originally Posted by Ice Car View Post
I also happen to be part-Filipino. Happy Birthday person I don't know but is also young and which I can possibly relate to!
My post is going to get deleted isn't it?
Well.. I don't know you either so.... Still, thanks for the greeting :D Also your hidden message is clearly seen in dark themes...which I'm using one rn...

Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
Happy Birthday gunner! You're an awesome friend and I love gaving talking to you whether through VM or irc! Have a good one!
Lol gaving x3 Thanks Nathan! You're soo cool when we chat through VMs and IRC... Soo.. thanks! :D
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